Thursday, May 7, 2015


The one and only thing getting me through the process of working 2 jobs, finals and moving is the fact that summer is around the corner. I applied to work at a camp, applied for an internship and was extremely excited to spend time soaking up the sun with my friends from my hometown. Unfortunately every single plan that I made for myself fell through and if you really knew me this wouldn't be such a surprise. 
Most things I try to plan for my self crumble out from under me and I don't quite understand how I've acquired such bad luck. My plans for the summer went from getting paid $15 an hour at an amazing social media journalism internship to... Wait for it... Living in Denton and working 2 jobs to pay for school and living expenses, 4 hours away from all my friends and family. 
The more I think about my summer plans the more my heart aches but at the same time I have never gotten anything useful the easy way out (it's apart of my bad luck). I'm excited for my future and if that means to sacrifice the fun part of summer than so be it. 
I still have goals and aspirations for the summer which are:
-Save up enough money to pay for rent next semester
-Create more relationships with the people here, while still maintaining the ones from home
-If I'm available to take time off of work, travel and explore the DFW area
-Learn to love life where I am at instead of waisting time wishing I was some where else  

I pray that I can achieve these things and much more as my life is being shaped while I am in a new town! 

Love, Alyssa

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