Monday, June 1, 2015

Happy June ☀️

Happy June 1st!
June is absolutely, 100% my favorite month of the year. The marker for the beginning of summer, June carries so much excitement in my heart. No matter what circumstances I am in during this time of the year, there is something about the beautiful sunny mornings, warm night air and bright atmosphere that brings me back to a peaceful state. When I was little I spent the month of June at my dad's house in Plano, TX every year. My little sister and I didn't have many friends to play with there, yet spending every minute in the Texas sun was enough for the both of us. As I got older, specifically through out high school, for some reason June carried a lot of pain for me. One year I found out I got cheated on, the next my grandfather passed and my heart was shattered from many different broken relationships I had at the time. Each night I gave myself a time of peace by sitting on the trunk of my car at midnight, not doing a thing except basking in the silence and cool breeze. Through all the pain of my circumstances I couldn't get enough of the night air.
Although I had hard times, there were many joyful days in June I spent at camps, the lake or just running around outside that completely canceled out the painful memories.
The other day I found a journal while unpacking my things that documented each summer since 2012. It was difficult to read through but when I was done I was taken back by what all I have really been through each summer. The love I have for June erased the pain it had brought me from the past and I am so greateful for that! 

Therefore, I want to hold on to my admiration for this summer month by spending every day outside in it's goodness, no matter what comes my way! I plan to read many books, go fishing, find the secrets of Dallas and consume lots of vitamin D.

Cheers to June!
Love, Alyssa 

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